Sarah Nickerson holds a Master of Arts in Communications, and has over 15 years of experience as a leadership coach, corporate writer, creative writer, marketing account executive and organizational change consultant. She has lead several organizations through major transformations, helping both leaders and employees emerge with success stories. Most of all, real-life situations have provided Sarah with the knowledge and expertise to help YOU navigate difficult situations and develop messages to manage any problem.

Patrick Glynn is an educator with over 18 years of experience developing e-learning courses for web-based learning. He is highly innovative and began this career before 99.9% of the world had heard of online learning. In addition to being a pioneering self-starter, Patrick uses his love of art and drawing to convey complex concepts in a visual format, a message recognizable in any language. He employs his artistic skill to design t-shirts, lunchboxes and phone cases. And if that isn’t enough, Patrick also “speaks” sign language. 

Tanya St John is not your ordinary ad agency guru. Her communications expertise spans the creative realms of catchy slogans and designs, as well as developing brands, creating publicity campaigns, marketing magazines and doing community outreach. Tanya is an expert at teaching Spanish and English as a second language (TESOL) to both children and adults, and developing teaching curricula. (Not to mention chef school!) As a teacher and parent, she understands all too well how to communicate with kids. Her world travels have prepared her with multi-lingual word solutions for any cultural situation.

Marya McFadden is a double doctorate. She holds a PhD in English and a JD in law, with an emphasis on mediation, negotiation and conflict resolution. She was a professor of business communications at Cal State for 15 years before enrolling in law school, and now specializes in family law communication. Apart from being very smart, Marya is pragmatic, empathetic and has a way with people and words. She is able to objectively assess a situation and offer sound, sage and savvy solutions.

Cassidy Nickerson is a super-smart, insightful 7th grader who designed our new customer input form. Cassidy is an exuberant assistant and organizer.